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Our Leadership


We are proud to introduce you to our awesome Leadership Team, each one dedicated to helping you succeed.


Headshot-MattMatt Allgood – Founder/Chairman


As a U.S. Navy Submariner, Matt learned a lot about adapting to any and all situations. He served in several military conflicts and on-station Cold War scenarios, where he needed extreme vigilance and constant empathy to anticipate his adversary's next move.  Matt needed those skills in order to prevent harm to himself and his shipmates while traveling hundreds of feet under the surface of the World's bodies of water.


Today, Matt uses those same qualities when working with his and the Agency's clients. By using empathy and vigilance, he's able to adapt solutions to the clients' current and future needs. After thorough examination of the clients' needs, goals, and challenges, Matt ensures they receive suitable, and common-sense solutions to help them achieve their goals.


Having been sole owner of several successful businesses and managing principal of a few more, Matt's entrepreneurial background lends itself to his superior insight to human feelings; this after spending his life serving, literally, tens of thousands of customers and hundreds of employees, providing solutions to all kinds of challenges for customers and employees.  Matt's goal with his agency is to ensure all clients are provided a common sense solution that is clear, concise and easy to understand.  Matt has a very open and forthcoming nature, which is refreshing in a world that tends to mask straight talk with rhetoric and lip service. So be prepared for an honest and open conversation when you speak with Matt.


Don-headshot2Don Carlson – Chief Executive Officer


Don has over thirty two years experience working in the Department of Defense primarily in the Quality Assurance field. He has extensive experience in related functions including program management, risk management, contract administration, production, engineering, safety, import/export, homeland defense, and international contracting. This was followed by seven years as a small business owner and consultant to industry. After returning to his home in Florida, he began to focus on the financial services.


He has worked closely with companies ranging from very small businesses to multinational defense contractors, all providing unique products and services to their customers. Don is aware of their issues and concerns and understands that no two businesses are alike.


He shares the Allgood Financal philosophy of partnering with other companies by listening to their needs and concerns and working with them to help them develop a program that addresses their needs. Only then would we recommend solutions attuned to their plan and follow up with excellent customer service and a long term relationship.


Don understands the concerns of business owners and managers, and he felt the same way as a manager within the DOD and as a small business owner. He found a synergy between his experience and the Allgood Financial approach to providing business group products and services. 


Marianne Carlson – Chief Communications Officer


Marianne is a woman of boundless energy, with a passion for getting things done.  She has lived and worked in six different countries and five different states, so she has become an expert in managing change.  She has owned a number of businesses , and has managed a few others, so she's not shy about taking on a new challenge. Although she was never in the Military, she has often worked for the Army as a civilian employee, including a six-month deployment to Iraq in 2003. It was her service there, in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, that fostered her deep and heartfelt appreciation for the men and women of the U.S. Military. They are never far from her thoughts. And yes, she's been married to Don Carlson, our CEO, since 1979.




Collette Rance - VP for Agent Development


Collette Rance joined Allgood Financial as the company's very first Agency Chief, and is now serving as V.P. for Agent Development. According to the company's CEO, Don Carlson, “Collette has years of experience in Health Insurance, Life Insurance, and Investment Products, and she's a great agent.  But that's just one aspect of her resume that impressed us.  She's also a talented teacher and trainer, and we plan to put those skills to good use.” 


Before pursuing a career in Financial Services, Ms. Rance worked as Assistant Principal for Orange County Public Schools. She's especially excited about the teaching aspect of her new position with Allgood Financial.  She'll be responsible for training new agents assigned to her office, as well as other agents throughout the company who may need guidance within her specific areas of expertise. 


The company's Chairman, Matt Allgood, is excited about the future of the company, and sees this new hire as a huge step toward the company's longer-term goals.  “Collette is not just a great agent and administrator, she's a solid gold individual,” says Allgood. “We believe she has the skills and the unwavering ethics that we're looking for in this leadership position.  We're excited for the future!” 


 headshot-Deanna-72Deanna Durkee – Founding Director


Deanna relocated to FL from Massachusetts in 2012, once both of her children had started college, and she is absolutely loving it! It was her dream to live in Florida, so as her children grew, she made the move to be close to her elderly parents, for whom she is now the primary caregiver.


Deanna has been a business analyst, programmer, and a cellphone repair business owner. “I love the customer service aspect of the insurance industry,” she says. “And helping guide people with some difficult decisions, and knowing they are protected, is very rewarding.”


Deanna specializes in legal protection services through LegalShield (a 40 year old legal protection services company), and identity theft protection through IDshield the most robust identity theft protection available and is value priced!



Kim Federline - Director


Kim Federline spent over a decade serving non-profit organizations before taking the leap to insurance. At the heart of it all, she has always wanted to help people. But specifically, empowering and enabling people to help themselves. She is passionate and dedicated to helping small businesses provide benefits for their employees and for serving all their needs. She began her insurance career with Aflac and has done just that. "I LOVE that text, call or email that I get when someone says 'your Aflac payment just paid my bills. I don't know what I'd do without it!' It's not about a handout; it's about a hand UP."


Kim joined the Allgood Financial team in 2018 and provides all our agents with training and support on the Aflac products and systems.  This is especially valuable for agents whose area of concentration is business insurance solutions.  Aflac is a great starting point and Kim is an amazing asset in that regard.   In her free time, Kim enjoys cooking, crafting, and loves to travel.