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Marianne Carlson

Chief Communications Officer

Marianne Carlson serves the Agency and her clients with the same energy and focus.  For her clients, she works to provide the very best solutions to their long and short-term challenges, and help them understand the options available to them. 

"It's not about selling, for me," Marianne says. "It's about teaching the client.  Education is key.  I want them to know and really understand their options, so they can make informed decisions about their money and their future.  I love teaching, and I take great satisfaction in knowing my clients are making the right decisions for themselves, their families, and their businesses."

In addition to serving individual and business clients, Marianne serves the Agency as the Chief Communications Officer.  "We're a small agency with big plans," she explains, "so I wear a lot of hats.  I'm the Marketing Director, Public Relations Department, Compliance Officer, Brand Ambassador, and Company Historian, to name a few." 


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