Deanna Durkee

Founding Director and Operations Officer

Deanna relocated to FL from Massachusetts in 2012, once both of her children had started college, and she is absolutely loving it! It was her dream to live in Florida, so as her children grew, she made the move to be close to her elderly parents, for whom she is now the primary caregiver.


Deanna has been a business analyst, programmer, and a cellphone repair business owner. “I love the customer service aspect of the insurance industry,” she says. “And helping guide people with some difficult decisions, and knowing they are protected, is very rewarding.”


Deanna has taken a beating with the ups and downs that have come along with a new company like Allgood Financial. When Matt decided to become an agency, the person he asked to help him was Deanna and the person he asked if it was a good idea was Deanna. She has hung in there since the very beginning, having specialized in legal and identity protectection protection for businesses and families, at first. Now, armed with all these years of wisdom and technical knowhow and all kinds of new knowledge in Medicare, life, health, home, auto, and all kinds of business insurance to oversee the entire back office administrative needs of this flourishing and growing amazing company!!!

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