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Collette Rance

V.P. of Agent Development

Collette Rance is the company's Vice President of Agent Development. According to the company’s CEO, Don Carlson, “Collette has years of experience in Health Insurance, Life Insurance, and Investment Products, and she’s a great agent.  But that’s just one aspect of her resume that impressed us.  She’s also a talented teacher and trainer, and we plan to put those skills to good use.” 


Before pursuing a career in Financial Services, Ms. Rance worked as Assistant Principal for Orange County Public Schools. She’s especially excited about the teaching aspect of her new position with Allgood Financial.  In this role, she’ll be responsible for training new agents assigned to her office, as well as other agents throughout the company.  This industry is always changing, and keeping our agents trained on the latest products and technologies is key to our success. Having a successful, caring agent to champion that effort is critical, and the fact that she's a taalented teacher and trainer makes Collette a valuable member of the agency's executive team.


The company’s founder, Matt Allgood, is excited about the future of the company, and sees hiring Collette as a huge step toward the company’s longer-term goals.  “Collette is not just a great agent and administrator, she’s a solid gold individual,” says Allgood. “We believe she has the skills and the unwavering ethics that we’re looking for in this leadership position.  We’re excited for the future!” 

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